Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas (MSRNT) is a group of people who volunteer to rescue and secure caring, permanent homes for miniature schnauzers in North Texas and surrounding areas.Happy doggy!

Schnauzers entering the rescue program may come from abusive surroundings or from owners who have neglected them.  Other dogs picked up by animal control officers can also become candidates for rescue.

Additionally, some rescue program dogs are donated to the organization by individual owners no longer capable of caring for the animal.  Regardless of their backgrounds, all rescued animals are cared for equally and placed in carefully selected foster homes to await adoption.

Each animal is examined by a licensed veterinarian for specific medical problems before being placed in foster homes.  During their stays in foster homes, all animals undergo veterinarian prescribed heartworm and flea prevention regimens as well as rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPPC vaccinations and a dental treatment if necessary.  Before being placed in permanent homes, the dogs are spayed or neutered.

While in the foster care program, specially trained, dedicated volunteers work intensively with each dog spending hours of their personal time socializing, providing obedience training as well as "house manners" for each fostered schnauzer.

When MSRNT cannot accept additional animals for their program, enrollments are halted until new spots become available.  The organization does not euthanize.  Because of this policy, MSRNT cannot receive funding from any government agency.  MSRNT funding comes from private sources including income from fund-raising events and private donations.  MSRNT is a non-profit organization.

For more information about MSRNT, please download our brochure in PDF format:  705 kb - To Download Click here.

You can save the brochure to your hard drive and then email to all of your friends!  We would appreciate your help in alerting all schnauzer enthusiasts that there is a Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in North Texas, that we have minis available for adoption and always need volunteers to help in many different ways.  Funding is critical to our rescue efforts!  Thank you!

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